May 3  trees are naked spirits
Apr 25  words about the wordless, like planets around the sun
Mar 12  yesterday i walked for two and a half hours and was baptized in the spirit
Feb 22  when the sky breaks, and the raw power of the universe roars in every direction
Jan 25  mysticism
Jan 1  a big blue rock and the rain and the cold


Dec 9  we are trying to get a message back through the stargate
Nov 10  in low orbit over a sea of objects
Nov 9  ancient human ritual and the fear of death
Oct 23  I/i was shouting for you to hear./
Aug 8  a coin in the ocean
Jul 29  reconciling atheism and theism
Jan 14  Naushka's secret room
Jan 8  reconstructing the spiritual hierarchy with scientific mysticism


Dec 9  you were an angel and i was an angel
Nov 12  vigil for the king of mortification
Nov 5  wordless
Oct 4  we must look at the entire picture
Aug 2  XI. The Pillar
Jul 30  on the occasion of the city having fallen to the forces of evil, and there being no hope left among the people
Jul 8  reaching for the fruit
Jun 4  get yourself free
Mar 31  the clay jug and the molten iron
Mar 22  looking back from the moment of death, spiralling antimatter from the eyes
Mar 19  closing the gate after the horse has bolted
Mar 17  A Man Saw A Ball Of Gold In The Sky
Mar 8  because I am only half of what you need
Mar 6  I want someone to read between my lines
Mar 3  all words go somewhere and nothing is ever lost
Jan 17  a meditation toward the union of science and religion


Feb 4  we are here. we are here. we are here. we are here. we are here. we are here. we are here.
Feb 3  the universe in a nutshell
Jan 28  the fundamental principle of design


Nov 15  glass marble meditation
Nov 12  i have the patience of a lake
Nov 10  the stars are wreckers' lamps
Nov 6  words are in the way
Nov 5  a model of consciousness
Nov 3  an exhortation for clarity
Nov 1  nameless
Oct 31  we walk through the city
Oct 27  long ago
Oct 26  far away
Oct 23  drunken monkey burns down the forest
Oct 21  the mountain of truth
Oct 9  litany of the crystal flowing mind
Sep 21  anomalous document
Sep 12  the failure of linearity
Sep 6  on the flavors of reality
Sep 5  four mark word game
Aug 21  judge a captain not by his shipwrecks, but by whether or not he blames the sea
Aug 21  The Last Will and Testament of Alturus Portwick
Aug 17  Fox Mulder stares wistfully at the poster on the wall
Jun 20  spirit calculus
Jun 16  how many alleys will you follow me down, if i just started running
Jun 15  money is a curse
Jun 15  hate has no home here
Jun 8  to stress the magnificence of the universe
May 28  Omnilinguist
Apr 21  X. The Cloud of Eyes
Apr 20  a sketch of a proof of both the existence and non-existence of God
Apr 4  a long walk
Feb 18  keep your eyes open


Dec 30  the house at the end of Allport Way
Dec 24  joy to the world
Apr 22  a little bit is better than nothing at all
Apr 2  in a river aeons past began a trust which unleashed the third greatest force this world has ever seen


Nov 10  IX. The Necessity of Bricks
Nov 10  VII. The Vectors of Thought
Nov 10  VIII. The Moon
Nov 9  Physical Insights from Conway's Game of Life
Nov 6  VI. The Persistence of Mysteries
Nov 5  V. The Two of Embers
Nov 4  III. The Line of Trinkets
Nov 4  IV. The Scholar of Forms
Nov 3  I. The Revelation of Fabrics
Nov 3  II. The Queen of Snowdrops
Nov 1  a direct teaching
Oct 24  We don't have time. Not like they do.
Oct 16  Dearest Octavius,
Oct 1  wear and tear
Sep 13  like coming up for air
Aug 7  a watch is a view of time
Aug 7  it is a house you build
Jul 20  they/them
Jun 12  hope is the moon, a star in the sky
May 28  deep space
May 21  mirror on the mountain
May 13  what happens now
May 5  a distant reflection
May 4  Decaversary Interview
May 1  Robots don't write poetry. Anymore.
Apr 23  a snowflake falls into the sun
Apr 23  his eyes are colorless
Apr 16  every ending is a new beginning
Apr 16  the ecstasy of silence
Apr 4  and i am a hammer
Apr 2  spring constant
Mar 18  Where does the song go when the needle is lifted?
Mar 11  MASK
Mar 6  Valentine
Mar 6  without fear of wind or vertigo
Feb 26  there is no beginning, no movement, no peace and no end
Feb 12  spreads beautiful to darkness


Dec 19  an essay for humans
Nov 18  more or less
Nov 17  a place which you can only see for a moment before waking
Nov 8  the words on the map and the birds in the trees ought not to have to agree.
Nov 7  George Washington Sits Behind The Wheel Of His Brand New 1967 Skylark


Nov 30  Noun IF Test
Aug 4  i played the last game of chess a man ever played


May 19  lowpoly editor
Apr 10  imaginary albums


Nov 24  szomorú vasárnap
Nov 24  cellular automata / hyperbolic
Nov 13  Yarn
Nov 6  Voronoi Diagrams
c. Nov  Virtual Street Art
Oct 12  Thousand Cranes
Sep 7  time salad
May 17  When I woke up this morning, I thought I was a parallelogram. I still have a sneaking suspicion.
Mar 17  Thus Goes phoebus
Mar 8  deserted train yard
Feb 26  exculpation
Jan 14  The Reckless Beemoth of Snowflake 8


Dec 21  a thousand years on the backs of paper elephants
Dec 16  it hasn't been so long, but
Dec 15  how to survive a vacuum metastability disaster
Dec 7  The Apocalypse of Porturus Alwick
Dec 3  Toss 'em the dick
Nov 29  circles
Nov 22  Paintings Found in the Home of Portuous Altwick
Nov 19  I guess that I am the one who has changed
Nov 19  make a wish
Nov 15  snowfall
Nov 13  light and time, stone monuments in the far depth
Nov 13  a room as it is
Nov 11  a sky as it is
Nov 10  This is the part i wanted to see; about the mental institution
Nov 10  isbi iot
Nov 5  curling
Nov 4  i jttt
Nov 4  only by consuming pieces of one another can beings such as we exist
Nov 4  ou est la gare? ou est la guerre?
Oct 22  cave of the watermelons
Oct 13  word begets image, and image is virus
Oct 10  Alik' Plantman
Oct 3  All you have to do is listen, and be ready.
Sep 22  A man toiled on a burning road
Sep 8  indiefort championship
Sep 7  fliptricks
Jul 16  A glimmer in my eye
Jul 16  Your veil across the stars
Jun  Lightning
May 23  Dust my eyes with myriad stars
Apr 12  skinny dipping
Mar 22  It will only make our insides burn until we are nothing but ash.
Mar 7  where are you?
Feb 16  crane
Feb 1  The tale of the Fat Bunnies
Jan 25  The Mystery Machine
Jan 12  January 11, 2025
Jan 9  dead art
Jan 9  weaving spiders come not here
Jan 6  Levenshtein dreams
c.  the meeting


Dec 20  Raincomplex's State Transition Graph
Dec 15  a lie I needed to believe
Dec 10  you can't start a fire without a spark
Dec 2  The time my car broke down and I made the mistake of calling the cops
Dec 1  self-portrait in a spoon
Dec 1  a small black bag containing all secret places
Nov 29  the structure of matter
Nov 28  your poetry inspired me to make this really practical item
Nov 28  wash your bowl
Nov 28  wear your helmet
Nov 28  like a diamond in the sky
Nov 18  the grassiness of death
Nov 17  Never fear, Anastasia
Nov 17  dictated but not read
Nov 16  the lake around which are a thousand tiny fires
Nov 16  I wish I knew how it would feel to be free
Nov 16  Designing to Reveal The Nature of the Universe
Nov 14  Neil deGrasse Tyson
Nov 9  the space of all haiku
Nov 8  tetragon, She
Nov 8  winterhaiku
Nov 7  And the air would taste of patterns
Nov 7  airborne
Nov 5  capacious
Oct 26  I'll tell you something
Oct 13  wmii
Sep 24  crabhack
Aug 31  Tuna Sandwich
Aug 25  Geography of the Islands of the Dead
Aug 22  I am the mirror thief
Aug 17  Poetry is not a riddle with a single answer
Aug 14  The hall was littered with broken dreams and shattered concrete
Aug 7  NES Hello World
Aug 5  there are only so many truths. everything else is derived
c. Aug  Conway's Game of Life on the NES
Jul 16  The fires are sweeping through the outlying villages
Jul 1  Sonnet of a heart breaker
Jun 28  Not the only way to reach you
Jun 28  Can you show me?
Jun 16  dasopoesis
Jun 10  Old chestnut: divisible by two through 10
Apr 27  This was my mountain. You call it your valley.
Apr 20  God is playing marbles with his planets and his stars
Mar 18  11284
Mar 3  A Beardless Foreigner


Dec 30  His voice is like something from a distant age, the voice of the earth itself, the voice of a tree, the voice of a stone.
Dec 30  set theoretic topology
Dec 26  Staring contest
Dec 26  The universe was cold and dead and all the best aspects of humanity and its appreciation of the world were stored in electronic boxes
Dec 23  haunted by nodeshells, like pronouns signifying other worlds
Dec 21  Makefile
Dec 17  code golf
Dec 14  The endless blue sky is not big enough to hold her memories, so it doesn't
Dec 11  Gargoyle
Dec 10  The Gostak
Nov 25  precision vs. accuracy
Nov 18  renzuru
Nov 17  regular expression game
Nov 14  ERIKO-CHAN cipher
Nov 14  November 12, 2010
Nov 13  multimedia
Nov 12  Yuri Knorozov
Nov 12  Doqoryav Wehba-me
Nov 8  dwm
Nov 2  continental shelf
Oct 27  cactaur
Sep 7  Wandering Star
Aug 4  Pac-Man Ghost Personalities
Aug 4  reflection
Aug 1  All you ever dream
Jul 22  What is Life?
Jul 22  Jibanananda Das
Jul 17  to get to the Other Side
Jul 14  Cast in the Name of God, Ye Not Guilty
Jul 12  irrorate
Jun 29  _exit
Jun 24  manifesto
Jun 18  surreal
Jun 18  Cat Soup
Jun 14  Adventure Time
Jun 7  I feel like I don't know her for a moment. It passes.
c. Jun  context free art
May 31  VIC cipher
May 28  straddling checkerboard
May 28  Polybius square
May 11  Exsanguineous
May 11  The ocean will one day give up its dead
May 10  What time do you call this, then?
Apr 28  Yeah, I know I'm dead;
Apr 18  cherry tomato
Apr 16  old brick building
Mar 30  you can close your eyes but not your ears
Mar 4  context collapse
Feb 6  Two merely "this" individuals.
Jan 25  underworld
Jan 14  A hollow feeling
Jan 12  never judge a by a reading
Jan 7  comma splice
c.  physical art
c.  terrain constantly changing
c.  oblique strategies garden
c.  cellular automata


Dec 31  We all float down here
Dec 29  You can't fight ideas with bullets
Nov 29  All that you can take with you is that which you give away.
Nov 29  bookseller
Nov 28  slow fire
Nov 28  this unlight mantis creeps
Nov 28  him will I blot out of my book
Nov 24  How do you know the fishes are enjoying themselves?
Nov 23  Evening Constitutional
Nov 23  Every poem about thunder was written under the protection of a roof, or, at the very least, an empty sky
Nov 8  All Souls
Nov 4  a taste of root beer
Oct 6  Where the stars do drown
Sep 20  Your ex-lover is dead.
Sep 15  I like it when I dream of her. It's the only time we get to talk.
Sep 9  sunset rainwater turns her sidewalk chalk-art into a sherbert delight; a surprise gift from chaos that tumbles her like tinkling bells onto the wet grass
Sep 3  I have the mistaken belief that we are all good people
Aug 27  (a forest of blades)
Aug 21  The faces of ghosts
Aug 5  I wish you would talk to me
Jul 27  i have to get out
Jul 25  find (in the mist)
Jul 25  (in the mist)
Jul 23  people who don't exist
Jul 6  Personal Everything in Python
Jul 3  tar paper gazpacho incident
Jul 3  Personal Command Line Everything
Jun 24  Giant Flying Demi-Tasse with Incomprehensible Appendage Five Meters Long
Jun 23  on being subject(ed) to a created, beautiful universe. in brief.
Jun 9  somewhere
Jun 6  don t ' evr be my sand[jinn]aemon
Jun 5  nobody writes poetry about nobody writing poetry
Jun 2  I generally don't consume insects
May 30  bracket matching
May 16  quiet evening snow blown with silence
Apr 13  electric you, electric me
Apr 8  instant poetry
Apr 5  The write-up contributed to by the most people
Mar 24  conditionate
Mar 20  paperbark
Mar 8  August lost
Mar 4  cold star
Feb 25  structure ((λ (λ) (λ λ)) (λ (λ) (λ λ)))
Feb 23  The ninth secret poem
Feb 22  Brotherhood of Silence
Feb 4  Wuxi
Feb 3  . -. - .-. --- .--. -.--
Jan 29  off the books
Jan 28  lost monks
Jan 22  Crosswords in Pen
Jan 10  above the petals of dreams
Jan 1  I might have, once.


Dec 29  Noder Fragments
Dec 24  come name their bone dance
Dec 16  image
Dec 11  go home
Dec 8  The stars stood still and naked
Dec 4  and all is quiet...
Dec 2  I promise you a place of no words
Dec 2  He believes he has written a poem, yes.
Dec 1  glitch art
Dec 1  Entirely free of guilt, I
Nov 27  dreamscape
Nov 22  Cyclic Redundancy Check
Nov 19  from where you are
Nov 8  do you see it yet?
Nov 6  deep in the sound
Nov 4  another mind
Nov 2  popular goals
Nov 2  Xin Xin Ming
Nov 1  readjust
Oct 29  but the future is always tomorrow -- even now drowning in bytes
Oct 1  Secret Message
Sep 29  sta-ees-blue withorwithout
Sep 27  It's not the words you write, it's the story you tell
Sep 21  I felt I was part of something, like a voice in a crowd or an island in a sea
Sep 19  I bind these books, but I can't write in them; I just can't
Sep 18  blank slate
Sep 14  no, it's your fate to never reach that understanding
Sep 11  interocular distance
Sep 11  toward the good of Humankind
Jul 22  supplication
Jul 16  placement 4
Jul 14  placement 3
Jul 13  placement 2
Jul 13  placement 1
Jul 11  theater effective; emotion
Jul 5  adaptive
Jul 4  Spitting out teeth like ampersands
Jul 3  Forgotten things in space
Jul 1  hanging yourself
Jun 30  uncountable
Jun 28  internalizing the sky
Jun 28  Where to go for help with punctuation
Jun 27  Goto Islands
Jun 25  Your poem must fit entirely in the box below to be eligible for the contest
Jun 24  for this reason we must burn all art
Jun 23  hlör u fang axaxaxas mlö
Jun 22  so many books
Jun 21  End stone
Jun 20  for more options, press 6
Jun 19  a little bit about sam
Jun 17  discrete yet fibrous
Jun 15  "I love you" hangs in the air like a subtitle
Jun 14  I have the mistaken belief that we are all good people (i)
Jun 14  i don't know what it is on the wind,but
Jun 12  Nardhmus
Jun 8  We don't write 'round here much anymore
Jun 5  corner of the world
Jun 5  you, radiating out among the crush of people
Jun 4  Gee, You're so Beautiful That It's Starting to Rain
Jun 4  simple ways to test your soul
Jun 4  collector
Jun 4  Why it is so hard to be yourself
c.  all we need is peace and love


c.  02.darkness


c.  01.brainfunction


  college essay
c.  00.fallwater


c.  tops


c.  battery movies