what have we here?

the vast meadows become deep forest the vast meadows become deep forest ah rainc omplex?idont'know any thing abou tthat

i am trying to make sense of the world. ‌ i believe it is our imperative to communicate what we learn. ‌ you will find here a shaft of light into the crystal cavern of my life. ‌ it is the trail of a slug---wandering, seeking, at once inexplicable and plain. ‌ we are questions and the answers are our lives. ‌ the sun shines on us all.

i like creating, running and falling, people working together, smiles, sharing art, hot tea, finding things, a slight breeze, not wearing shoes


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games (see also and especially BLINDHACK)


Jan 14  Naushka's secret room
Jan 8  reconstructing the spiritual hierarchy with scientific mysticism


Dec 9  you were an angel and i was an angel
Nov 12  vigil for the king of mortification
Nov 5  wordless
Oct 4  we must look at the entire picture
Aug 2  XI. The Pillar
Jul 30  on the occasion of the city having fallen to the forces of evil, and there being no hope left among the people
Jul 8  reaching for the fruit
Jun 4  get yourself free
Mar 31  the clay jug and the molten iron
Mar 22  looking back from the moment of death, spiralling antimatter from the eyes
Mar 19  closing the gate after the horse has bolted
Mar 17  A Man Saw A Ball Of Gold In The Sky
Mar 8  because I am only half of what you need
Mar 6  I want someone to read between my lines
Mar 3  all words go somewhere and nothing is ever lost
Jan 17  a meditation toward the union of science and religion


Feb 4  we are here. we are here. we are here. we are here. we are here. we are here. we are here.
Feb 3  the universe in a nutshell

a collection of rubber bands sorted by length. a coin in the ocean. a coat is a thing that keeps the rain off your skin. why would you want a thing like that?