what have we here?

the vast meadows become deep forest the vast meadows become deep forest ah rainc omplex?idont'know any thing abou tthat

i am trying to make sense of the world. ‌ i believe it is our imperative to communicate what we learn. ‌ you will find here a shaft of light into the crystal cavern of my life. ‌ it is the trail of a slug---wandering, seeking, at once inexplicable and plain. ‌ we are questions and the answers are our lives. ‌ the sun shines on us all.

i like creating, running and falling, people working together, smiles, sharing art, hot tea, finding things, a slight breeze, not wearing shoes


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games (see also and especially BLINDHACK)


May 3  trees are naked spirits
Apr 25  words about the wordless, like planets around the sun
Mar 12  yesterday i walked for two and a half hours and was baptized in the spirit
Feb 22  when the sky breaks, and the raw power of the universe roars in every direction
Jan 25  mysticism
Jan 1  a big blue rock and the rain and the cold


Dec 9  we are trying to get a message back through the stargate
Nov 10  in low orbit over a sea of objects
Nov 9  ancient human ritual and the fear of death
Oct 23  I/i was shouting for you to hear./
Aug 8  a coin in the ocean
Jul 29  reconciling atheism and theism
Jan 14  Naushka's secret room
Jan 8  reconstructing the spiritual hierarchy with scientific mysticism


Dec 9  you were an angel and i was an angel
Nov 12  vigil for the king of mortification
Nov 5  wordless
Oct 4  we must look at the entire picture
Aug 2  XI. The Pillar
Jul 30  on the occasion of the city having fallen to the forces of evil, and there being no hope left among the people

a collection of rubber bands sorted by length. a coin in the ocean. a coat is a thing that keeps the rain off your skin. why would you want a thing like that?