words about the wordless, like planets around the sun Apr 25, 2024

all of these are only words
shadows cast through the mouths and hands
of those who saw god, of the light beyond light
which is in everything, moving unknown, unknowable

someone on the other side of the road reaches into their pocket
a dog growls and snaps, a dying bee stings wildly
the air itself scours the land, the waters wash away our houses
all of these things really happen in god's world

information can't travel faster than the speed of light
or the speed of sound
but things in remote places are related to each other
because of their previous interactions

i am imprisoned because i asked the wrong questions
i am free because it is my nature
i dream of falling attached to a bomb of great destructive power
and the feeling of the seconds ticking toward zero

there is a great banquet prepared by someone from another country
and i start at the wrong end of the table, receiving cake first
and the rest is all meat, which i have sworn not to eat
but how can i refuse what has been prepared for me?

in the morning the apartment is a bustling congregation
but for many hours afterward it sleeps as the clocks tick
and the sunbeams slide across the floors, stirring up dust
and the cat sits with eyes closed, just being

we think we are only ourselves, but this isn't true---
the piece cannot exist separate from the whole
the shapes everything traces through time fit together
what i consider mine belongs to many more than me
my hands, human hands; my bread and water, the land and sky
my mind, one tiny piece of god

i think to god we are one big soul
completely detailed and perfectly integrated
so how do we get to feel so small?

words about the wordless, like planets around the sun

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