trees are naked spirits May 3, 2024

trees are naked spirits
baring all their wounds
the bends and kinks of trunk and branch
tracing a lifepath, visible all at once

a piece of a tree
can grow into a complete new tree
an entire soul in a slender green sprig

patient, they breathe with the seasons
expanding when it is warm
and contracting when it is cold

in timelapse, plants follow the sun
in little circles, never assuming they know
but searching always for the light

they seem to reach for the heavens
but trees are at rest, comfortable
not straining but oriented to the sky

invisibly rooted deep into the earth
branches of a different sort, seeking water
seeking nourishment from the dead

our souls are like the trees
shaped by our experiences
searching for the light

our hard bark
gives way to fresh shoots
the force of life pushing, always pushing

copying, always copying
echoes like a flame to dry tinder
or one leaf grown a thousand times
a flock of flowers

we wrap ourselves
in the past and future
in our ideas and what the world should be
and the trees stand naked
meeting reality
as it is

trees are naked spirits

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