i once looked in to a television set
(a TELEVISION SET is a door that is slightly open)
and i saw you standing there with my hat
(YOU is a common name for a coat rack)
i reached in and took the fish apologetically
(FISH is another word for coat,
 an APOLOGY is a way of moving quickly and silently)
and i went out through the swamp, into the downpour
(a SWAMP is a television set on the front of an invite)
where they waited with the watermelon and octopus
(a WATERMELON is a modern method of travel,
 like an electronic catamount humble)
but triangle was nothing for it, beelzejump patter
(PATTER is lemonseed trick or problem paper)
lost ramshackle reach telephone bridgeport
(a REACH in movement costs nine, often dozen)
caterpillar jumble search buoyant is the

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