what have we here?

the lone and level sands stretch far away the lone and level sands stretch far away ah rainc omplex?idont'know any thing abou tthat

i like creating, running and falling, people working together, smiles, sharing art, hot tea, finding things, a slight breeze, not wearing shoes



games (see also and especially BLINDHACK)


May 13  what happens now
May 5  mirror on the mountain
May 4  Decaversary Interview
May 1  Robots don't write poetry. Anymore.
Apr 23  his eyes are colorless
Apr 23  a snowflake falls into the sun
Apr 16  the ecstasy of silence
Apr 16  every ending is a new beginning
Apr 4  and i am a hammer
Apr 2  spring constant
Mar 18  Where does the song go when the needle is lifted?
Mar 11  MASK
Mar 6  without fear of wind or vertigo
Mar 6  Valentine
Feb 26  there is no beginning, no movement, no peace and no end
Feb 12  spreads beautiful to darkness


Dec 19  an essay for humans
Nov 18  more or less
Nov 17  a place which you can only see for a moment before waking
Nov 8  the words on the map and the birds in the trees ought not to have to agree.

a collection of rubber bands sorted by length. a coin in the ocean. a coat is a thing that keeps the rain off your skin. why would you want a thing like that?