what have we here?

the lone and level sands stretch far away the lone and level sands stretch far away ah rainc omplex?idont'know any thing abou tthat

i like creating, running and falling, people working together, smiles, sharing art, hot tea, finding things, a slight breeze, not wearing shoes



games (see also and especially BLINDHACK)


Jun 20  spirit calculus
Jun 16  how many alleys will you follow me down, if i just started running
Jun 15  money is a curse
Jun 15  hate has no home here
Jun 8  to stress the magnificence of the universe
May 28  Omnilinguist
Apr 21  X. The Cloud of Eyes
Apr 20  a sketch of a proof of both the existence and non-existence of God
Apr 4  a long walk
Feb 18  keep your eyes open


Dec 30  the house at the end of Allport Way
Dec 24  joy to the world
Apr 22  a little bit is better than nothing at all
Apr 2  in a river aeons past began a trust which unleashed the third greatest force this world has ever seen


Nov 10  IX. The Necessity of Bricks
Nov 10  VIII. The Moon
Nov 10  VII. The Vectors of Thought
Nov 9  Physical Insights from Conway's Game of Life
Nov 6  VI. The Persistence of Mysteries
Nov 5  V. The Two of Embers

a collection of rubber bands sorted by length. a coin in the ocean. a coat is a thing that keeps the rain off your skin. why would you want a thing like that?