reaching for the fruit Jul 8, 2022

i grasp the wet fruit in my palm
i was told not to eat

my teeth tear the skin and i see the leaders of man
those who see the stars and the trenches,
and those whose bodies twist around,
and that in everyone there is a war

and i see a great flood emerging from the earth
a perspective growing in breadth and depth,
an understanding which touches all things
filling the universe like a sopping sponge.
this nectar tastes of the allgoodness of god
who affords justice to every piece of creation
without discrimination,
the truth beyond reach,
the holy grail of science,
the language spoken before the fall.

i see the endless warm darkness of space and time
pierced by the cold rays of a shining self called Photon
the seeker who cannot see
but as darkness contains light,
so too does the full water of good contain evil.
a large perspective contains smaller perspectives.
for god there is only perfect motion.

and the hand reaching is the mind
holding on to phantoms in a darkened room draped with sheets
as the tree grows into the floorboards beneath your feet
throw open that window and breathe in this cool night
let the mosquitoes carry off a little bit of your soul
you're radiating so much of it, anyway

eternal life is my true body
the world without end within which i am a vortex
with a human shape, my sisters and brothers
incarnations of the same spirit
we this large family of many stories
can you see that the body and spirit and world are one?
that there is one thing, which is no thing,
which is every thing? embrace this paradox,
and find solid perspectives like stepping stones
away from the tree of knowledge
whose fruit tastes sweet but bites with the stench of death
and dip that beautiful self in the pool of the garden
where there is neither nothing nor separation
and the atoms like stars are wrinkles in the fabric of spacetime
drawn together and bound, illuminated
by the light of the one true mind

i mistook a statement of causality for a command.
though i know it dooms me, i keep eating.
in every moment i hold the fruit
is the decision to bite, yet
i can enter the garden

reaching for the fruit

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