we must look at the entire picture Oct 4, 2022

- not only forward but back
- not only then but now
- not only mine but yours
- not only ours but theirs
- male and female and beyond and before male and female
- large and small
- science and religion
- artificial and natural
- every concrete detail, every abstract pattern
- all perspectives

- only then will we truly know reality, shutting out nothing and having no preferences, while being here now and being ourselves; only then will we have fulfilled our purpose, for which we were born of this world, to understand and to practice, to be truth and to seek truth
- is there anyone out there who is willing to walk this path?

- the god of the universe, which is the spirit moving through everything, the law which dictates all motion, through the void and air and through the water and rocks and through the leaves and stems and through the nerves and bones and through the conscious and the unconscious---
- the god of the universe, which is not separate from the universe and which is also not a part of the universe---
- the god of the universe, which has inspired every religion and every branch of science, and which all of them, at their mystic heart, point toward---
- the god of the universe is calling us to know ourselves, to know the world, to know the unity of all things, to know the way in which there is only one and yet also there is unending multiplicity

- this is not an idea, to be considered and reasoned about. it is not a paradox.
- this is reality, the greatest teaching, the greatest game, the world which is our parent, our body, our life, our child, and our home. it is a practice and a way of being in the world. it is a clarity that is not acquired but instead arises from many pieces of experience. it is both gradual and sudden. it is outside of language and reason, but it is not separate from these either.

- my god, you great and simple structure, whom i see only darkly, as through a dusty mirror, who dances in fractal curves the fronds of the forest, who crystals the flakes of water ice in great heaps, who silently buffets and billows the fluid dynamics of the sky, my god, how can i have been blind to this deep dance, while yet i stared directly into your face, unfathomable and incompressible, as fast as time itself, and as slow as uncountable lifetimes, as the drift of the heaviest of worlds.
- the words and perspectives of others are often confusing, but there is a way to see through to the truth
- what great hubris, to choose only one instead of everything
- i don't need to ask of you something you will always do, but for myself a reminder:
- guide and protect us all

we must look at the entire picture

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