vigil for the king of mortification Nov 12, 2022

a flare sputtering in a pool of blood
a handkerchief wrapped around a fistful of cold wet dirt
icons and incense, moonlight on the hedge
schoolhouse windows
a stranger on the other side of the road, in the dark
the body, the mind, they are chanting, the body, the mind
painted concrete flaking, humidity
under the deep blue, points of light in the mass of black
water lapping at the stone
a sudden flash revealing the entire house

a hand grasping
doubt and fear, death welling in my chest
the ticking of the wall clock, four minutes too slow
hooded figures, only their faces
on the television, the body, the mind
a phone is ringing in the next room
a window is breaking in the basement
i cannot see the sky
milk glugs from the carton onto the floor
a curse, a hand grasping

a form under the yellow sheet over the couch
a pile of pillows or shoes
the cat is sleeping in the nook
books all at home on their shelves
a pin in the finger, a fishhook in the eyelid
a frog settles into the mud
i want to see the sky
you are untouchable
and i am untouchable
in the sideways light of the evening
the house aglow with the flame of life and death
they are chanting, too low now to make out
too far away

vigil for the king of mortification

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