Toss 'em the dick Dec 3, 2012

in the trenches (so to speak)
we got so wrecked on tunes
the war stopped computing

it was like the weapons melted away
the bodies became low cacti
the flowers and fish became weapons

an apple will tell you a story
if you know just where to listen
how to tickle it in just the right place
until it moans in your ear
giving up the ladder's location

and every night the prisoners cry
"don't damage the telepath" and plead
"just as the dogs eat bone"
"the more you eat, the more there are"
If the earth won't be still, then I will.

you might think a needle more effective than a flower
but in a war such as ours, where the bees do the work for us

i'm trying to put this delicately
if you don't fertilize this, we won't have any apples

it always feels normal right before
the clouds come in and cover everything
until you can't see your hand in front of your face

"we aren't dead; i'm sure of it"
footsteps in leaves, endless miles of roots
sunlight, blackness, sunlight, blackness

there is always a day when you pick the last petal
turning to those around you (if you're lucky)
with that i'm-scared-but-i'm-pretending-i-don't-know-what's-going-on frown
it's funny how life continues to be surprising
right up until you die

i remember when i was young and the old people i loved
one by one--- -- -
the warmth and rumple of a blanket just arisen from
in the morning it is smoothed
and the memory is somewhere in that faraway look

sorry, that got dark
well come on give me your dick

Toss 'em the dick

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