to stress the magnificence of the universe Jun 8, 2020

i am a thread of a thought
a stitch in a warm old blanket
dyed like the sky at every time of day
bright and dark--a marble in a sea of nothing

they found me because i chose her belongings
a key, a cup, a coin
from a hundred other things
they taught me as she was taught
(and he before her; and she before him)
of the emptiness of all things
of the emergence of things
of the things of the world
and of the ways of people
to embrace paradox and see all truths simultaneously
they taught me the danger of magic
to distinguish metaphor and reality
and truth from deceit
to watch, and test, and consider

i know these things are true because i discovered them myself
i have been led to the door and opened it
i have known what it is to be wrong, to others and to myself
and that is where the learning happens
in the joints where motion occurs
in the cracks, the folds

i carry two knives: that of doubt, and that of courage
together they are unstoppable, for they allow their wielder
to cut away that which is no longer necessary
and to pierce the heart of truth.
but if wielded out of balance
you will only cut yourself

and i was taught of my previous lives
the events which shaped them
the problems they solved
their cares and their pains
and so i became heir to this mantle
another link forged to a chain
embedded in the web of the world

air, water, earth, fire
every lens has its lesson
every word hides ten thousand words

why do you think we are here?

to stress the magnificence of the universe

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