This was my mountain. You call it your valley. Apr 27, 2011

here in a wood N years hence) (100 * x)
(last year's leaves flat to dirt
 and rocks all moss and green lichen)
x = ? 1 ? ? 2 ? ? ? 3 ? ? ? ?

The pond is a mirror ,laidbeside stone
foundation supporting gonewood
and potteryshard lyingin and lostbricks.

The Wall travels along orchardwas
, pathalways(i_wonder?) i_magine men hunched
stoneplacing which time topples(
beyond their view::and mine)a squirrel here
a raindropthere(crack_fall) (like a life)
to current longmound wallrocks of. and nobody.

)in the mirror i see the house in the night
(candletowindow , lantern to barn, andbehind
the wall reassuringly square(fornow)

A territorial delineation wrought of manual labor,
which reminds me of The Mending Wall,
and makes me wonder how many years ago really
was this place ensnared in a network of stones
and later the mountains cut through for the highways
+ they fell in the shaking,

for the people had died who cut these trees,
and the trees have survived [inlaid with bits of rusted barbed wire]
;the paths have changed and the woodenhouse rotted
(so long has it been since i tread

This was my mountain. You call it your valley.

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