they/them Jul 20, 2018

at first he gave her flowers
and she gave him grass rings

and then he gave her part of himself
and she to him in turn
ears, neck, chest, thighs
they took each other apart
and rebuilt fresh beauty

centipedes trapped in black mirrors
but we out here kicking stones and grinning
whipping across the lake surface, ripples in amen break
scraping our knees and tearing our dresses
letting the gasoline run down our legs
we don't look so different
till you talk to us (lemme dab that blood)
do you feel large like you're driving a car?
do you feel love across oceans?

do you feel imagination reawakening?

new religions stabbing the power lines like lichen
layering like paint poured through pipes and cut cross-sectional
we are dancing on a wooden bridge of packets and watthours
our minds haven't changed in ten thousand years
but we've got all this new context

and behind the veil of dimensionality
they open their arms and burst forth
bloody plumes of embryotic neomen
while the rest of humanity stares
only seeing a shadow of colorful shiva
bodypainted in angular knots and open diamonds
over a fine mesh of overlapping octagons
only hearing a kilohertz window of the trumpet call
the song of a twelve dimensional bird squeezed from a toothpaste tube

chrysalis skin shed emerge
bodies shining colorless light
occupying a new space, bigger than we ever imagined
unreal to the unclued


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