The faces of ghosts Aug 21, 2009

I stood behind that
lens. I brought those
words tog( I )ether
( was there , created
  what you now see.

I am the rock to the ripples,
author, shaper,
by ZamZ, by lizardinlaw,
by gate, by creases, by lucychili,
by lostcauser, by anonymityrocks, by Halspal,
by maxClimb, by vandewal, by Noung, by IndiaRubber,
by The Custodian, by disassembled, by DonJaime, by teleny, by Kalen,
by SubSane, by easterner, by BookReader, by buckochips, by Ampaire, by tanktop, by Piyh,

The faces of ghosts

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