tetragon, She Nov 8, 2011

i want to feel, always,
which is probably why i fear death.
i will not have the night air to
comfort me in my grave because
my nerves will die and my brain
will cease to function as it used
to wildly when she kissed me
in my imagination

i remember when out back she fell into my arms
and turned away and laughed secretly to herself
and ran with my hand attached to hers and i asked her
what was funny and she did not answer and i
remember all the times she looks at me with her
beautiful brown eyes and her smile creeps onto her
and i try my best to smile at her without giving away
how much i truly blindly love her and
she looks up at me and says
while her eyes are sparkling
i love you

and all i could say was 'i know' and turn away.
what a terrible way to lie

words wash away and
the taste washes away

tetragon, She

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