szomorú vasárnap Nov 24, 2013

álmokat kergető vasárnap délelőtt
bánatom hintaja nélküled visszajött

across the midafternoon grass my canvas lies drying
a giant red robot spraypainted against the stars
and the cats come over and sit on it, paint in their fur
and a woman is rolling up my canvas and i cannot stop her,
such helplessness at the very beginning of a day ,

nyitva lesz szemem hogy még egyszer lássalak
ne félj a szememtől holtan is áldalak

all day my worst moments are coming back to me
like an ant colony has given birth in the wall while i slept
and even before waking i am swatting my face
tiny wings spiralling above my ears
,like crying unexpectedly ,or waking soaked in piss

gloomy sunday

szomorú vasárnap

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