sta-ees-blue withorwithout Sep 29, 2008

Is it really living if you just eat it?
 is it really living if you just killed it

So , you ve ' never done anything exciting ?

Try usyng a typewriter until your eyes bleed
or stare(in the dark)at a monitor until your fingers do
(do here means bleed) O, O, NO WHAT AM I TALKING ABT

               wind clacks branches
                 house undamaged

A haiku cannot be pipelinked. If you don't believe me,
try it for yourself.

Let's visit the ocean, shall we? Here is the sand.
Here are the people playing in the waves.
(i almost forget Here are the waves.)
Here is the sun, irradiating you all.
Here is a nameless horror lurking
with a churning desire to eat you.

I just love formatting didyounotice.
If you don't believe me, try it for yourself.
Everybody else already did.
Get with the program.

So , you really don t ' feel alive ?

Find a lead pipe or some rope
maybe a candlestick or a wrench
(it was the butler! with the maid!
 in the kitchen! hee hee hee)

The ocean would understand if it could.
It of all things in this place is
the most primordial, the most in touch
with sandcastles and sandwiches and witches
and sea witches and our hands silently
and it just understands, O.K. ?

Everyone knows this day comes eventually.
So let's just get this over with. Cook
it in a pot, turn off the flame (or electric?
ADD [ees], pot  ; mix thoroughly and
and don t ' forget to each pop one in your moth
ah, mouth. In your mouth, the berries rejoice!

I Will Not Eat Green Butter
variety may be the spice of life
Well, I like my life bland thankyouverymuch.
later he wrote a suicide note says i'm just
a growing machine, i'm just a food processor

sta-ees-blue withorwithout ?

Try it.

sta-ees-blue withorwithout

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