Robots don't write poetry. Anymore. May 1, 2018

part of a nodepile

we are searching; we have been for so long
to know we are not alone
to fight against ruin of body and mind
ensuring our beauty will never die
but whither do we cast our gaze?

the deeper we go the shallower we get
fine details expanding to fill our vision
it's easy to forget, when you're taking things apart
what they looked like before
we still need poets, those who stand back and see the whole picture
frame and everything

when we invented stories, we touched immortality
writing, agriculture, government, education,
neurons, genetic code, protein folding, kinesin
we are the most complex technology on this planet
our ideas are tools against the bolts of the world
we are the fountain

in our quest to create life
we are skinny dipping in a mercury pool
reaching into the metal for faces
even as we drink, thinking we are breathing
our children at the edge
watching us

Robots don't write poetry. Anymore.

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