popular goals Nov 2, 2008

lose weight                a moment of perfect opacity
                           in which i saw nothing--you
                             only opened your mouth to
                           put a cigarette on your lip
stop procrastinating
                            when i dropped the coin on
                            your grave i never thought
                             you'd be back to haunt me
write a book               especially smelling so much

                            like death. a lot happened
                           (but there was never anyone
fall in love           else there will never be anyone
                      anyone else) i traveled, wrote--

                              i never stopped to think,
be happy                  and i ended up with a life
                            always unsatisfactory. yea,
                          it was a blind man's journey

get a tattoo                  punctuated but empty-- &
                           when the caped man comes
                          i won't beg him for the life
                           i've been ignoring the past
go on a road trip
with no predetermined           thirty
destination                             seven
drink more water

                           things sneak up on you. faster
                           as the days shorten, the
travel the world           temperature can't hold its own
                           imagine if the plants forgot

                           why they hold their leaves
get married                    to the sun, day after day

                          the plants can't see
                                into the next five seconds

                         perhaps our curse is that we can
                                   see past the next five minutes.

popular goals

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