placement 2 Jul 13, 2008


over the f                                        Why are Witches always Old ?
fire,The Sea                                 i wonder as i follow crosses, crosses ,
Witch tells                                Might have fancied a younger witch, i might.
__stories__                               in rows along the dunes, crosses, endless , cr--
she Spits the                             How many life-                  How many life-
Fall of Man,                              times did The                    times did The
rOARs Apoc-                               Sea Witch spend                Sea Witch spend
Alypse, con-                              ,creating these                ,creating these
jures the d                               wretched devils,mockeries of warning--all that
demons, the d                             is here is sand and bush and mite. So I am ff
depths, the d                             followingg Them,hoping there is a Destination
dark.   and,                              (&not a circumnavigation).somethingTheWitchSaid
just When I(                              comes back to                    ot kcab semoc
weary from                                me now:"HARK!                    HARK  :won em
The Sea)am                                HEATHEN! YOU                      MESSENGER,YE
drifting to sleep                         SHALL KNOW IT                     WILL FIND NO
she Screams Ah Save Me ! The End,The      --GOD OF THE                    GREAT IDOL.NOR
End,The End," she is softer and soft      EARTH--BY THE                     ANSWER,AFTER
/and lo'--naught'of'her but a ffire,&     SCENT OF RE-                        -----QUEST:
th'ccrossess, defiant against the lightening sky | BIRTH      --MORE--      ABANDON HOPE.

placement 2

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