placement 1 Jul 13, 2008

    some great          Her gnarled hands guide string
   ghost spoke          winding (shaking)a round crosses--
   (dreaming)           She props them X-wise,like so,bind
  it breathes           ing,winding,blue-veined hands shake.
  (i wake--             Why such Fer         ocity?why such
 choking on             adament--why            does she use
 past lives,ch-         such place/              /ment?WHERE
 swallowing down        DOES THIS AN.         .CIENT WITCH S '
figment s/sharp/        STR ENG TH COME FROM ? but she does
pain ful go             not(can not)?answer.  i,lying in
ing down--)             the lapping waves,but Watch her
heavy. breath.          tying these crosses/ tangled
 ( ing           hair/ matted
 my senses--i           bonyhands/
 looking,eyesup,        working. and
  The Sea Witch         Here I , wash
  standsover_me         -ed ashore,my
   I ask Her why        SHiP SToRM-
   does she use         Ridden(&tired)
    such place.ment     and thirsty                --MORE--

placement 1

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