Not the only way to reach you Jun 28, 2011

[suspect the cable running out of the muffler]
(in the heat of noon) this is not a dream not a dream
Choking, coughing on the river.

I'm never going to come back down!
You can take that ladder it isn't mine anymore
because nothing is mine except this roof
these tiles (and the heat of noon) we are using
your brain's electrical system as a receiver

[dopple slumped over the steering wheel. Who is the third?]
i don't need it any more
// a ladder, a vehicle to The Vantage

she says you keep a-knockin' but you can't come in
and i say little sister, don't you do what your big sister does
(and i am rushing down the ladder, gloves off and not thinking)
and the radio is on and the radio man is speaking
and the radio man says it is a beautiful morning in los angeles
the cactus are alive and the newts are alive
and the stars are not alive, but they are moving
(it is a beautiful night in nevada]
Time waits for no one. There's nothing for you here.

I am dizzy! The hood is too hot to lean against [from the sun]
and the roof is too hot to crouch on all fours
but the height! The heat of noon has swallowed the car
and it has become a mouth of noon, digesting my skin and eyes.
Remember in bed your arms full and your hair wet,
looking into the heart of light, the silence.
Climbing a ladder to morrow, a barrow appears, a
strip of siding comes loose, if only i were to land
in that bucket of cool water, in the shade

Break my fall, break my fall. I loveyouneedyou
(smiling an d reach ing, awk)
and (wardly) she says baby don't be cruel // the year one nine nine nine
[PLANT LIFE]atendrilcreepsuptherimalongrubber

The chimney is fine, and the gutters along here are clean.
The engine seized. And the radio static.

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Not the only way to reach you

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