It's not the words you write, it's the story you tell Sep 27, 2008

"When I am finished,
 I will talk at length of books,
 and I will reveal to you my libraries,
 and there will be so many secrets unkept.

 You will hate me, then."  -- Anonymous


Writing a good story?
I don't know anything about that.
Some where, cherry blossoms are flooding the sky.
Here, some people only care about aesthetics.

We maintain fictions.
Have you argued for a false truth?
In a world of things we just accept,
Some people are focused on molecules.

Please tell me a story.
Every night she asks the same question.
Reinforcement is another wine we taste.
Some people drink too deeply or not enough.

Wait, you want answers?
I just love confusing people and leaving them
Naked and wondering where have my clothes gone &
Does that whispering wind mean I should seek shelter

And I just love lying,
as long as the lies are beautiful

And inconsequential.

It's not the words you write, it's the story you tell

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