I wish you would talk to me Aug 5, 2009

(a reflection of hamster bong's writeup)

Sleep+by+my+side+for+a+night, T
Time has come←be walk-able ,a ,perpetual twilight of
daynight ,a , low sig fig ticking madly faster than comprehension.

very T i move to speak ,   , it is to-morrow
&you+are+cold+and+so+beautiful that i am struck dumb+lame
but instead of collapsing as i once did, ,_____________

Never did perfections+like+you,+and+monsters+like+me meet
(eyes|or|otherwise)but amidst the penlines of children's fantasies;
they called me Vampire , yet ,You are the Damned.

Difficult ,these days ,to come to the world—&
find You, by my side Watching the wind in the grass Y
Y me←sez "you+look+sane,+motionless+like+that" a

and i forget+to+feel+alone ,these dayssince i fill space diff-erently;
not so small ,You see ,i am the sky now,,too
and+i+rock+myself+to+sleep to the sound of Foucault snoring.

were it not for what i Saved ,
i would not be tortured by Your fine+winding+tendrils

I wish you would talk to me

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