I'll tell you something Oct 26, 2011

Sometimes there is too much, you can't stop it.

And so you let go.

omission of a critical element   
         WHERE AM I

is it possible to be original? why do people get so upset
when i tell them what i really think of their crappy poems?
                     is there emo pandas?                     a corner with an
                                                              unexpected breeze
do you appreciate ambiguity? do you like patterns?
do you laugh?    i'm glad you came, even if it's just to smoke
                              with me by this brick wall.  look in the river.
                                                         do you see it? my god,
                                                         do you see it there
                                                         next to that child?
the bird is gone moments after opening the box.
i don't think this is going to work out.   you can't save a fish from drowning.

color where there is none (you are walking past a theater, in the rain)
where did you get this money? i can't take this.           his eyes are shut.
                    he stands on the corner, waiting for the light to change.
as a dream is to the woken, so is writing to the reader.  << freckles >>

you are hurting the planet.  would it surprise you to learn that you are, too?
you are beautiful   you see what you want to   their bodies dissolve to black
                                               and white houndstooth.

a collage of fear, torn and toothbearing,
with love and kisses (nothing lasts forever)  the way is blocked.
                                              lift your skirt.
ideas are memories. what's the point?                            << corrupted >>
 light catching the eye in a very particular way, dancing wildly about the room

                            take the stairs. everyone else is on the escalator.

there's no reason to be afraid of things that are beautiful.  they wear long
i didn't think of you all day, until i laid down.       socks and short shorts.

           a train pulls into the station, quiet for a minute

there is a ghost in my tv. it cuts the pixels in half.
              you can see the whole town from up here.  we all know what's
                                                        really going on here.
       MARRY AND REPRODUCE                              right?

they kiss and fall into the snow, and
the old man comes out and beats them to death with a baseball bat.

                                                  waiting for you on the steps.
                                                  it's a beautiful day.
before i answer that, are you really a woman?
                                           black paint splattered on a profile.
put up that sexy picture of you, pasted grafiti over your face
don't get up, i'll get it. you look pretty comfortable.  << back of the neck >>
fall into the water, the egrets fly  he looks hurt from behind that eye patch,
the choker, the bare chest    this is impossible. no one can balance like that.
<< lipstick >>  OBEY
                       i have sat upon an asteroid. i have wished upon a comet.

i would love to answer your questions,
but you must promise not to ask the most obvious ones until the end.

                            you could sleep through anything, jesus.
                            it's not a real horse.   a pun about your rib cage
                            photocopy. photocopy. photocopy.
       a lit room on a dark corner,
       the city rising up dark behind,          your body image is inaccurate.
       and the stars        your body in ketchup red, laced with marbled pink.
the compasses at your feet all point in different directions.  pinned to a tree
                                                               with a spear, i
       i fell asleep on the table.                             hallucinated the
       i got lost in the dreams.                               world.
           << an eye, a cheek >>  we are broken.  did you know we were rabbits?
why did you invite us to lunch?  i don't know what's real anymore.
                                 i took too much LSD this morning.
 i don't need an eraser.                           the storm will pass.
   under the couch.  you weren't home.  do you feel free?  that eye---
we lie under the carpet of the earth, our breath hot so close.
It seems like a dream to me. the music comes on and i shut out the world.
she eats the fish, zucchini, and lies naked in bed, waiting
                                                you only have to take a little.
                                                              it sets in quick.
he cut himself to pieces with four arms, whirling         their eyes betray the
                                                       intent of their creator.
           the sky was so blue i thought i might faint.
           he was stronger that i, at that moment.
      he explains to someone who is not listening.      you may be surprised
                                                        to learn who i am.
may you live in interesting times.  she felt its teeth grind against her skull
as it lifted her from the sidewalk.  four eyes is too many for a dog. that's
not a dog.
                            wings without bodies
                                        we must learn the lessons of the world:
umbrella                gut the snake.  smell this. do you remember?  i'll most
                                                likely kill you in the morning.
<< bellybutton >>  Your'e the best.   the police did not believe them  outsider
painting with your hands  << ear >>   no no no no no no no no no no no no   the
high tension towers go on forever. you can follow them but
they will tell you nothing.                                  my room is a mess.
                     scissors won't work on this hair.  i'd like to make myself
                                                 believe. i'd like to meet you.
              the reward is the experience. hell is here.
the rain came down the road. i heard it as it came.     the quest is at an end.
<< jeans >>    my art was better before i learned to draw.  my arm is bleeding,
bad.  hold the devil off with a cross, the staircase is old and your friend is
of the opposite sex            fruits and vegetables, protein and grain. dairy.
i hope you know what you're doing, because i've got no idea. i have my reasons.
mice find a coin.  << nostalgia >>  That a mirror does not lie
                                                               history is gone.
a castle on the back of an elephant. my god, they really built it.
                                                   what will happen when i die?
they run with the eagle, carrying a man's head.  the building is closed.  are
                                               you an object? what are clothes?

replacement with the absurd

    telephone lines against a sunset, strands of hair across your face.  color.
    never forget to count your colors.      that woman with the butterfly wings
                                                   and ram's horns seems upset.
                                                   should we leave?  my boots
                                                   don't quite fit.
why are you asking a cat?  << kiss me >>      the tiled floor went on forever.
the volcano destroyed the city.  why are you wearing that?  << bare knees, the
conceit of socks >>   it's coming. do you hear it, beating the landscape as it comes?
you can't stop it. we'll be destroyed.  << grass || ankles || spots of light >>
the birds seem to know what we're up to out here.
                                                   should we leave?  that game
is larger than your mind. you can barely reach the buttons    i am liquid. i am
something else entirely in your hands.   come  down  with  us.  it's safe, we
                                         promise.               it will fall,
and when it does,
it will glow in the night sky.
come on in, the water's fine.
                                         i don't want to live in a world where
                                         someone with six eyes is a monster.
sometimes the sky looks like a painting. sometimes it is lit impossibly.
<< laughing >> on a bus? in front of a window, perhaps. it's difficult to tell.
collapse, unload it, pop pop, i must accumulate  To differentiate things and
                i am half machine, right down the middle.  i took your picture.
                i hope you didn't mind.

they sit across from each other at the diner.     you can see it in their eyes.
keep your head down, blushing.   a boat burns in the bay, beside the silhouette
of the tower, below the sliver of the peninsula.   a child in its mother's arms
(the bed behind)  a plane flies overhead. who's up there?   i can escape, but c
an he?  this path may be too difficult for you. turn back now.   the man in the
panda suit is afraid of the smallest child.  open your eyes. take off your
clothes. sit atop that hill.

and all of disney's creations were profaned
                                                      you can't arrange flowers
                                                      into an image of inner pe
                                                      ace, but  one dark lens.
                                                      she had broken blue eyes.
can't you see what i've done?
you should leave.  she is anx
ious about the castle. the gh            osts reach for her bare     shoulders.
                                        up from the puddle, she   stared at me.
                                       mhm-mm oh yeah, mhm mm-   mm-mm, life is
                                      good.  you've got me          hypnotized.
you can't reach the end of this road.
                                    it's always pastel twilight.  a dead woman.

what does it mean that you treat me this way?
                                 wings grew from the ground. i picked them.
                                they haven't wilted yet.
at the top of the hill,
sally saw something that changed her life.
sam was right behind her.  i saw them kissing, both in skirts.  the trees are
                                                       beautiful from below,
                                          branching black against the blue sky.
                             << sunglasses >>  (the conceit of)  << eyebrows >>
  quizzical fox.  may you find what you are looking for.  may you come to the
                  attention of those in power.  i can't believe you
                  broke my nose.                     you didn't even apologize.

they tend the trees, while i ski past.  beware the yeti.  i like this.  can we
                               do something about it?  i descended the stairs.
                  we are covered in gum. let's play samurai ritual decapitation
                  ! she seemed skeptical, at first. an old friend called me out
           of the blue.  the moon covered in graffiti.  my, what beautiful legs
           you have.  it's not working.  it sounds the same as before.  first.

reading books in bed  we won't survive long if this is how they treat all their
guests.                     welcome to my space.        like a video game boss,
from here i am vulnerable.  bared shoulders, submerged in the sound   the owls
are not what they se---disregard that, charlie brown  sometimes  you  have  to
ask the hard questions and admit the hard answers    naked      in   the bath.

the room is melting.    the window is open,    but you are not here.    your
bed is unmade.          that horse can't swim. out of an ice cave,      into
the blizzard.           crouched in the woods. hunting.                 decapit
ation   yes.     that's about the size of it.  all of these colors and patterns
, to the same outline of a boy.   this was the first time i'd ever been kissed.

i am dreaming, our motions steeply slipping into pools of gold.  i can't see yo
u.                 how do i know you're there ?         the resevoir is filled.
hold your nose.    i can't believe you would dump a tiger's head in my lap
without draining it first.  a bored banana jumping into a pool.  faces in the
           not all of them are sad.
           drawing with crayons doesn't make you a child.
   i dreamed of folded paper, warped from the sweat of my hands  it's too much.
   there's too much. i can't do it. they play at night in the park. the stars a
   re so bright out here,
                     away from the city.  the illusion dims. the maze is ended.
       she is seeing things you don't want to see.  come with me to
                                                    this other world.
                                                    it's not far.
                             << stomach || tiptoes >>  entire worlds in the
                                             bubbles, suspended in space.

they sat together on the floor of the store, by the canned goods,
all tired and short sleeves and legs and a pair of shoes,
a pair of boots, and a pair sandals.       i don't know my own power.
                                           we are like planets.
      determination in the eyebrows.    can you believe this is happening?
      me neither.  i've never needed anybody like this before. i am a demon.

if it happens, you'll know  (just showered)  i am impervious to your illusion.
i see what you really are.  the television doesn't have the answer.  kneel in
the sunlight to touch a snail  you have a tattoo around your wrist.
         i wear a bracelet.  << glasses || bubblegum >>  there
                 is writing on the floor. "...wo...al...gh
                         gra...ght f...u."  shadows
                               on the siding,
                                  the fence.

living people are often dead already.  across the crevice,
         the frozen lake, the mountains.  too
            close and you can't see anything.
                i think you've mistaken
                  me for someone else.

                    a frame which con
                       tains a frag
                           not f
                            all e

I'll tell you something

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