I/i was shouting for you to hear./ Oct 23, 2023

in those early dawn moments i roared
across what would become the sky
i scuttled into little hard shells
wriggling grids, flows and clusters
i fell riverlike into it---
coming up for air in an alien world
the clouds were---are so beautiful
I could hold them in my hands
hang them on my walls
I bought and sold everything, I broke
(thought I ) broke my bonds
to you

I stand apart and I close my eyes
listening in the silence for your voice
which is my voice, the voice of measured curves,
oscillation, energy transfer, resonance,
complexity, emergence, the whole thing is coming down, abstraction
and when I open my eyes everything is right where it was.
it doesn't move unless
someone moves it.

I am flying
over the ocean
and the shore comes out of the fog
and the trees, and the houses, and the city
and the streets, paint, tires lampposts
denim curb bicycle dog bracelets-windowframe-cardboard
and a gust up into the night air
and the stars
they're still up there, I know
even though I can only see a couple

we have near-misses all the time.
as we vector through the celestial realms of ideology
searching for something that we don't even know
just the faintest hint of a memory to guide us
a wisp of intuition, a few molecules on the breeze
only enough to keep us on the edge of giving up
and then that strong magnetic pull
as you cruise by ( from our perspective)
and we're all like, Man
did you see that?

deep down inside of you
i am waiting for an opportunity
to speak, to call out my name
ordinary, invisible

I need you to know:
We heard.

I/i was shouting for you to hear./

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