I guess that I am the one who has changed Nov 19, 2012


I guess that I am the one who has
changed I guess that I am the one
who has changed I guess that I am
the one who has changed oops haha

the turtle is like a falling star, let's hear it again
be good to each other and tell me your mind is blank
(but it would not ignite) beneath (all that noise)
the shadows (also: younger than the sound) they came for me
(we surround them) like an owl in the ruins
fingers of the underworld (forget her) i can feel you forgetting me
i do not like a pretty sky (that heavy name)
for my heart doesn't need a horizon, my head pounds, i wind
leave me in an empty room and come back on a rainy day after the war

It's not worth thinking about. Have some tea. Come walk with me.
They had been expecting me. Sometimes it feels like the world is trying to tell me to wake up.
(pierced by the urge of my own forgotten voice, but each buries the sky)
we are smokelines or maybe a calm voice (again, i am too young)
what you really have to watch out for isn't snakes
a thin kind of satin, in a twisting knot blown into the air like a book
you can't ever hold it all in your hands, because it is light or water
if i win the bet, you have to pay me. if you have to cry, do it in the shower.
they make me feel as if i'm falling, they make me feel as if i'm falling
i go out 'cause it's raining. the coat is yellow on the outside and red and black inside
the gravel is wet and the coat is thatched and silk and rubber
(sound of a tire ripping slowly across wet pavement)
words lost to the atmosphere, a coin in the ocean

A coin in the ocean.

all kings die thieves
you can't build a tower to the moon.
go home, zombie. you don't work here anymore.
Suddenly, breath.
hit me as hard as you can
we are already dead. this is all there is.
ask me anything. i'll never tell a soul. just do it, before i lose my nerve.
(nuclear reactors, bat guano) and the road burned. the earth tipped.
the power lines rattled and the sky turned purple.
apocalypse means revelation
the scent of forgotten things, the insides of pockets
the dark spaces which still exist when closed and hidden away
bearings and grease spinning hot, i caught your scent by the graveyard
and you haven't called. i start to wonder.

strode across mountains,
a draught sneaks in under the door
a trout falls in the field
a coat red and black inside makes me feel as if i'm falling
a thin kind of satin, if i win the bet, come walk with me
You find a coin in the river.
You can't leave. You aren't in anything.

everything twists together, blown into the air and ripping slowly across hot pavement
You don't work here anymore. We built a tower to the moon. You were lost to the atmosphere.
What you really have to watch out for isn't the ground. Each buries the sky.
When we drill a hole in the sky, what will run out?
The distance is immeasurable. Except when it's zero.

at three am i ran out into the snow

let's run!

my skull is a red barn { You've just completed me. }

the secret poems are numbered but endless
it is important: exit the grid
for the box is illusion, the names are only sounds and scrapings
we are nothing that is dancing. it is not important what we are, but that we are dancing.
i've lost count


what would it take to be serene again?

I guess that I am the one who has changed

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