i don't know what it is on the wind,but Jun 14, 2008

all of the forces in the world
coming to gether in the waytha
tthey are right now ~ remember

she walks across the street in
the rain,her black coat slickd
with sky,even in this grey eve

the fores t.is.a liv e.with bi
rds caribou. carib ou?i n.the.
fore st?that' s. odd/ .... ...

something is missing,she think
s to herself,feeling around in
her pocket&feeling nothing but lint


coming in to the florescence,she
wringing(ring)out her umbrella,hanging(ring)
on the umbrella hook in(ring)the closet.
she answers the phone,checking her finger
nails for wear,glancing across the room
and talking but we cannot make out the words .

some where rain drops are just
trying 2 make it totheground &
and some animals are just trying to reproduce
and isn't that where the money goes anyway?


i don't know what it is on the wind,but

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