Giant Flying Demi-Tasse with Incomprehensible Appendage Five Meters Long Jun 24, 2009


You notice the cube and the huge demitasse and pomegranate behind it, on the sand. O, wait, they are not on the sand.

They are floating about the cube. See the shadowz?

The background looks like it is illumated with a spot-light. It Is as If the objects
are pasted on to the background. Is the lighting in this painting logical? I can't tell.

Alot of space is wasted for an incomprehensible appendage. If that's five meters, the demitasse must be nearly a meter.
The sky looks like an old photograph. Dali painted this.

That figure's head is cut by the horizon. The color even changes across the line! My goodness.

The top of the demitasse is lined up with the horizon.
The pomegranate and demitasse are a thumb's thickness from the cube.
            (this is the middle of a shocking revelation)
The cube's corner is perfectly aligned with that of the canvas.

There is water to the right of the island,
but not to the left?

Giant Flying Demi-Tasse with Incomprehensible Appendage Five Meters Long

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