discrete yet fibrous Jun 17, 2008

Some times are alright for the ambient or plodding but currently i want to listen to the terse the

    Unequivocably FilledWithImages
    Sofast you can not hearit(maybe Not-Even-Images Fragments//
    ponderable,addictive splinters--whatAreTheseEven()
    ununderstandable//lengths of rope he coils in the afternoon

You must go back. (Your comments are backwards.) And listen again for
those on-the-edge-of-perception s that draw you (And upside down.)
to the song . are they really there ? or did
you create them as so many have created
their own words to nigh-unintelligible

            9, 'pn'), (1260, '
            (1311, 'po'), (135
            '), (1407, 'pi'),
             'li'), (1476, 'ig       of 18233 points.
            485, 'on'), (1512,
            , (1636, 'hg'), (1       died in The
         f   h                        an ogre king
         o I u                        died in The
       t r   n                       Killed by a
       h w k d                        died in The
       e a n r
         r o e                       was poisoned
       p d w d   -                   oisoned by a
       r .   s
       o   t                          died in The
       b I h o      what is           an ettin mummy
       l f a f --     information     died in The
       e , t ---                  ?  a raven.
       m     v                       was poisoned
       s o w o                       oisoned by J
         n h l                        died in The
       o   a u                        a large cat
       f t t m -----
         h   e ------- always prime
         e   s

       h   v ------------- Daddy, I don't want to hear that story tonight.
       o   e ------------- [|ah]. what would you like to hear about ?
       w c r t ------------- Tell me about when you met mommy.
         o   h
       t n I a ------------- well there was a beach ,
       h t   t ------------- and you know that feeling of the primordial--
       i r w ------------ primordial means before recorded history--
       s a r r ------------ you can see back in time
         r i e ------------ by walking on the beach
       b y t m
       o , e a
       o     i ------------ He told me about her hair
       k I w n ------------ comparing it(unsuccessfully)to various fabrics,ropes,
           i ------------ once
       s t l f
       h h l o   
       o i   r ---
       u n
       l k   ( I am the god living in the parentheses

discrete yet fibrous

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