deserted train yard Mar 8, 2013

smooth black glass
new like black velvet dresses as a child
lost in smell, a labyrinth at the knees

there is a freedom for cow boys
at the top of the mountain
having nowhere left to go

a snow-covered tombstone
mistaken for a signpost

fucking in the dark
god there are bodies strewn about the bedroom
oh wait
they're only clothes

in the mirror there is nothing
except a growing shadow and a quiet screaming
coming up loud like static, dizzy, falling

pulling at the edges of reality
to escape this drawn face turning, this inescapable terror
knuckles aching panic

a hawk noticed suddenly up in the corner
like a dark unsteady airplane
but silent

a train killed my father, writhing in pieces on the track
and now i must murder my one true love
and hide the body

because i want to be someone else
i want to be new again

jk. the greatest things are sedimentary
mountainous and extruded like shells
telephone lines & silicon in layers and stacks

jump on my shoulders and come
look through this high window

deserted train yard

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