come name their bone dance Dec 24, 2008

I watch the same set of images and feel the same sensations a handful of times without realizing--

A Great Whale's skeletal double jaw soundlessly motions out gentle words instantly forgotten, except among them:

"You, lowly sea urchin, of all creatures should understand--"

The urchin colonies floating shoreward sparkle as if they are lit up with candles, but it is only the moon

And the sea is so heavy, pulling the Great Monster's frame into the seabottom darkness forever

I clutch a mass of bubbles, ssshing as they sink, slowing to a single moment of buoyancy
and then a sharp drop and a sort of pop as I enter the echoing Under Water

I scramble for the surface and climb onto the dock, strewn with seaish storm-castings--
And I scream, seawater in my eyes, at the empty waters, the distant shores: YOU LOWLY SEA URCHIN, OF ALL CREATURES,


come name their bone dance

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