anomalous document Sep 21, 2020

Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████ must be kept in a sealed catalog envelope. If removed from the envelope for testing, subjects must not be observed directly, but through a low resolution video-only feed. Prior to release from the testing chamber, subjects must either be administered class-A amnestics or be held in isolation for a period of 48 hours.

Description: SCP-████ is a 13-page document of unknown authorship, printed on letter-size computer paper and stapled in the corner. It is written in English without much regard for spelling or grammar. The formulas employ unconventional notation which is defined within the document. It was found in Break Room 35.

The document describes the Foundation as existing primarily as a series of fictional articles, written as wiki pages and hosted on the public internet. The URL given does not resolve, and there has been no indication of any related security breach. The document asserts that the authors of these wiki pages, largely without their knowledge, are performing a computation within the space of human thought. Based on a notation for precisely expressing mental abstractions, it outlines in detail the mechanism of this computation. It goes on to postulate that the result will be [DATA EXPUNGED].

It appears that the primary memetic effect is triggered by the concluding arguments of the paper. Knowledge of the existence of the conclusion has no detrimental effect. Subjects have been unable to rederive the conclusion from the argument which preceeds it. They seem to have suffered no ill effects from exposure to the argument alone. Those exposed to the conclusion have assured us that the argument is sound, although it is undetermined whether this is a memetic effect or an actual fact.

Dr. S███████

Not everyone who reads the document experiences the effect. However, upon full comprehension of the content of the document, subjects become highly agitated. This period has been observed to be between 2:32 and 4:24:281 in duration, median 26:15. It is characterized by attempts to convey to others the content of the document, a weakened sense of reality, and ecstatic expressions of profound joy and terror. The effect is highly contagious among those with the requisite knowledge and communication skills2, but is neutralized by class-A amnestics. If the period expires without interference, the individual undergoes rapid physical decoherence. The nature of their existence after this occurence, if any, is unknown.


1. See Incident Log 933.
2. A score of 3 on the Bilgüün-Samira Memetic Transmissivity Test.

anomalous document

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