and all is quiet... Dec 4, 2008

yf you lay low yt comes around
, som kind of cooperatively-restraint-elicited Unicorn
(not like an e, i, o, or y every where you look)

and all is quiet...

quiet carrying the power to incite
caring more for the message than the mechanics
you Blind Ego , watch me get pedantic in spite of my self !!
(sit there ∧ focus on yrself, don t ' fal a s l e  e p
     [ Boy , the Quiet sure is confused at the beginning
     [ just sitting down to clear yr mind
     [ (a trick is, count your breaths) one...

<grundoon> and all is QUIET!

when we under stand every thing ?  take,for example;
something abt a clock, really the universe, Great Galactic Gears
    ] do it now: Stare Out Over Those Cloud Wheels .
    ] and remember—the stars are in the foreground
    ] & tell me , Blind Ego , how small do i feel ?
they knew in the old days some of them knew more than we do
ora t least as much. you Blind Ego , eat that
(how can i do my Father's work? how can such things be taught
  but by experience? how to finds truth in such a world, isn't it?)

<Andromache01> And all is quiet. Thank god.

Night, but lights. awake & alive. one... two...
(why so serious? somber, and such flaccid-to-nonexistant
  exclamation points !! as we roll [io]n, deep in the sound,
  remember this is a one per customer, nonrefundable,
  day, they are all

<JohnnyGoodyear> and all is quiet... (You're borged, so you can't talk right now. )

(attachment is the cause of suffering) and all is quiet...
(complacency is the enemy of life) try becoming a god
Every god is human; but you didn't hear it from me.
(what are all these Institutions? who are we ,
  if not emerging + self-organizing groups? (one... two...)
 Here, take this long convoluted mandala, start dreaming,
and it all becomes music. Godspeed. Namaste.

<256> Somehow I misread "and all is quiet..." as "you are a giant..."

fucking shallow tide-pool amoebic treatment of topix
everyone stopped talking abt years ago , but yr insisting,
thou dirt-bound Talpidae , go plug in to a tree

<artman2003> and all is quiet?!? i'll show YOU WHO'S QUIET, DAMMIT!

I have no plan / agenda / all the agendas / / just wanted to say
/ to show a few things / list maybe all things , showing
they are A;ll T.he Sname. (names, words: (all different)
come apart in hands,mouths, ,(th[oe]se.lists.keep.coming.back (cut and restored)
(stars, sand, books, tables especially: come apart under the microscope
/ show the quiet of lone and level sands under a lone star
the quiet of seagulls on a lone peak
the small of a world / large of a lone.
Stand on These , You Legged Ones

<ushdfgakjasgh> <i>and all is quiet...</i> oh yeah

well,[well,|search]then but don t ' come for/with answers to me.
this pMoment must needs be my Greatest , my Ultimate &
Final rest, having completed sound, sea and moon m[ae]rry  ,
gleeDeestructIng th sky(but mostly plants,animals,everything  (Sorry.)
     ] buildings,tools,the|eyes|of|mice,most_Love,all_stones,stars|of|course,
     ] some_pudding,many|of|yr|deeds,&evThing__you_touched
they say the end is the beginning and breaking is buying
Personally, they can bite  me (one...)
(just a pattern i m ' sometimes-sick-of-patterns
  some times they make mehappy, Do Patterns Make You Happy
    You , Great Unknown ?

and all is quiet...

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