above the petals of dreams Jan 10, 2009

the gods of mystery, pattern, and foolishness(
which is to say rain  are haunt ing  my

easier with time)i,reading,now feel not(
so much the loss)when completing
some long jour knee from       from
                         god ,      the sky--

life is pain . we , deluded hither thit
her in wind , we . wander finding shelter find
ing noth in g ( part icic les my fro zen
n f a c (ia

Sometimes you have to freeze ,
before you can move like water again.

come apart, come together, this tiring non-duality(does
 it sicken you too , O my darling chickens wondering
for seed on the open eroadsion(meaning!less&!more) so in
sun  shine , chicken-less we  Find Out Who
sehandstheknifeisinnow, (by conservation, losing
a little bit of knowledge somewhere else in the brain--

life is rain . we , evaporating
                         off car hoods
                       , fumbling for our keys
      (some times finding them)

   ignition is an affront to life
               on all four cylinders ,
               at the four corners of the world ,
               across four seasons ,
                 with four winds bearing down--

  and be wary of those who see not the rain
     , lost as they are among their papers ,
         reams of unwilling victims of sap sacrifice
           no longer reveling in water but
           considered ruined if touched by it.

 our curse is that we see the ground & not
   the five minutes we have before it

 O heavy Future , fly off !

 i have to come down &
 then quiet these thirsty trees

above the petals of dreams

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