a little bit about sam Jun 19, 2008

sam is a box-a-day(pack-a-day)
workaholic fade-away dressed in khaki

sam also loves pretending-to-be-afish(
jumping off a pier into a canadian lake
)ing with a fake-straw-hat and drawing out those vowels

sam doesn't see shadows,only-light and thus
a good photographer does not make nor painter
nor(really)sketch-artist(sam thinks this)

sam ran a restaurant in the '80s,trafficking
in whatever-food-sam-felt-like-putting-on-the-menu
but sam was bought out by anearbychain

sam has only cried on three separate occasions the
first was a young-love-affair-gone-wrong and-the-second
sam does not like to talk about the second and the
third was last night

sam has kept a personal journal of ideas and
thoughts since the second grade which has-grown-to-
-a-sizeable-number-of-volumes by-now

sam's parents have a-hyphenated-last-name-together and
this was a little bit about sam

a little bit about sam

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