a coin in the ocean Aug 8, 2023

last night i dreamt
that i had lost you, my favorite coin
in the ocean or between the cushions of the couch
and i went looking through rooms i didn't know,
wooden floors and upholstery and paned windows
and found myself in a humid treasure chamber
full of lustrous gold and jewels, and a woman said to me
"you may walk freely in this chamber,
  but stay within my sight
  and say all the right words."
her words danced around it,
that my eyes were wandering
over all the glittering coins
and in her heart there was a fear
that i might steal one for myself
but i gave her a thumbs up and a weary smile
for she knew only that i lacked for coin
but not that all i was searching for
was you

a coin in the ocean

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