a big blue rock and the rain and the cold Jan 1, 2024

emptiness is knocking on my door
and the surface of me cries to cover it up
the matrix, the fabric, the void, chaos
the nothingness from which all possibilities emerge as reality
(a high ringing in a vast cavern)
the liquid motion that snaps on
when the waves wash in, when the rocks give way
absolute order, it sounds like noise, it makes no sense
but you know and i know, deep inside of our hearts
deep inside of each cell, in the vibrating hearts of our molecules
we have traded nothing for something
and permeating everything are the consequences of our limitation---
where are you standing? where have you been?
what paths in your mind channel the photons,
falling on your retinas, falling deep into your mind
where all of your memories, preferences, skills,
your person-ality is awash in light and sound
and it is beating, beating, emanating back out
into people and things and changing everything---
how can we see what impact we really have on the world?
where do i stop and space begins? no,
there isn't anything that stops or begins
only the continuum, only Transformation.

what is stopping us from attaining utopia?
do you believe in the reality of the kingdom of good?

i am a snake in the river of reality
the glints on the ripples of the sky
can you forget about fruit?
sit and not itch to stand?
listen to anything? listen to what is inside you?
these seas are washing against each other
like planets colliding---unstoppable, liquid
and in the friction is the force which creates movement
the heat which powers the convective heart of my planet
and a million years are like a drop of water
from the sky down to the soil
from nothing to the bodies of the hallowed dead
from the beginning to the infinite space of inevitability
lifting us, sifting the pebbles from the sand
smooth and glistening in the moonlight
we are bubbles in an ocean of rock
in all directions frozen forever---
do you really think that can happen?
and in what direction are you walking?

a big blue rock and the rain and the cold

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