(in the mist) Jul 25, 2009

intuit an image where at the edges
linger the ghosts of the adjacent calmly
confusing but subtly perhaps something like deja vu
a reader should think have i read this before am i going in circles? so
words and phrases appearing in multiple places different contexts

to produce a story web—a collection of more-than-loosely-connected fragments
which cannot be read in order, but which still form a cohesive story
branching and circular and dizzying

Time and space are coming apart here. You cannot see more
than a hundred feet in any direction (for the fog)
and cannot remember more than a handful of hours
(for the fog), indeed, like weather prediction in reverse,
looking far enough into the past gives chaotic results.
(Time in such a connected graph will be circular
(or at least loopy), so this extends to the future by symmetry.)

Make some kind of sense.

Flow like water! The surroundings by your own hand will seep
into you, subtly altering the mistweb at your feet.

Flow like water! The blending lines cast through your
peripheral vision (at this point, blindly)

Remember, time and continuity are not so strict here, in the mist...

      Aer   Sim   Jet
       |     |     | 
       v     v     v 
       |     |     | 
       v     v     v         .->jes
Evi<--'|    | |    |     ^   '->luc
       v    v v    v     | 
Aer-->jes rai Evi Sim<--rai<--Jet
       | \         |     ^^     ^
Evi---.|  '->Deb<--'->Anc|'---. )
      vv      |         Cus    Y
Dim<--Jet<----'-->luc    |     |
       |                 '----,|
       v                      v|
      rai                     Evi<--ten

(in the mist)

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