lowpoly editor

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Requires Python 2 (not 3) and pygame (32-bit even if you're on a 64-bit machine).

2014-06-04 v1.4 source (.tar.gz)
- assign color to new polys using average of some random points in the poly (and add a key ('a') to repeat this)
- fix/remove convert()s
- show messages while saving/rendering
- render when saving
- write svg version of _poly.png (solution to lack of anti-aliasing)
- fix slow saving

2014-05-28 v1.3 source (.tar.gz)
- attempt to fix issue with color profiles
- autoselect newly created points (see the README if you want to disable this)

2014-05-26 v1.2 source (.tar.gz)
- fix point dragging
- key to set polygon color to value at center
- show points if one is created when points are hidden
- if no file is given on command line, a file dialog comes up (easier to run, e.g. on Windows you can just double-click it)
- save errors to log.txt

2014-05-20 v1.1 source (.tar.gz)
- show selected poly
- keys to reorder polys
- change controls
- add camera pan/zoom
- change .poly format (not backward compatible)

2014-05-19 v1.0 source (.tar.gz)

Contact: rain@raincomplex.net