you were an angel and i was an angel Dec 9, 2022

like the seasons i keep returning to you
like an orbit i cannot escape
my heart is drawn to anything that resembles your face
but always i fall short of remembering
your true form, changing in every moment
never changing at all

the personality fractures under weight
separation of words and images, confusion of time and structure
the bodymind comes apart like a clod into dust
like the scattering of birds
the magic is gone

in the vast dark beyond my tiny candle
reaching into that warm cotton cavern
veiled as ice and rock by the mind
trying to find the message
something is missing, i have forgotten
terrifying shapes move in the blue sky
metal creatures roaring with the voice of man
while the icicles melt from the pine tree
where the birds gather in the evening and the morning
and all the plants continue to worship the sun
bodily lifting the earth in an attempt
to reach heaven

you were an angel and i was an angel

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