Thus Goes phoebus Mar 17, 2013

I Know you proclaimed your love
With Our banner raised high even in the distance---
i have come in sadness both to release you
and to stir up the ashes for coals

O You great mountain who when they looked and said
O Will i climb this great mountain and fall off of the other side
wept at the edges great steam clouds which came down
and covered over the villages and held everything close

You Who in the night split wood
For The furnaces of the jealous king
who prone to dreaming lost his last clews to reality
and spent his days tearing at his purple tapestries

And You that cleave flesh
On The sunlit field or the breeze at night
sunk warm and wet like ship nardhmus on the green sea
and betray even your own blood for coin

It Is with great shame that i inform you
Of My master's transgressions (unapologized) and subsequent disappearance
yea he is not dead i assure you although his wound seemed mortal
his light shines dimly where he lies hiding

I Know it is not much
But It is the truth

Thus Goes phoebus

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