reflection Aug 4, 2010

.U fo noitcelfer a si V neht ,V fo noitcelfer a si U fI---lacirtemmys si noitcelfeR

                  CBA                             F
                                        D         O
                   X                    O    R    O
                                        O         D
                  ABC                   F

.X ssorca CBA htiw esiwekiL .FOOD teg ot R ssorca DOOF tcelfeR---noitcelfeR tnioP-tnioP

     GOD                     \      N                   |
                              \     O                   |
-------------                  \    D              BAR  |  RAB
                                \   E                   |
     GOD                         \                      |
                          NODE    \

.GOD htiw esiwekiL .EDON htiw esiwekiL .BAR teg ot enil a ssorca RAB tcelfeR---noitcelfeR eniL-tnioP

Point-Line Reflection---Reflect BAR across a line to get RAB. Likewise with NODE. Likewise with DOG.

      |                   N      /                     DOG
      |                   O     /
 BAR  |  RAB              D    /                  -------------
      |                   E   /
      |                      /                         DOG
                            /    EDON

Point-Point Reflection---Reflect FOOD across R to get DOOF. Likewise with ABC across X.

            F                             ABC
            O         D
            O    R    O                    X
            D         O
                      F                   CBA

Reflection is symmetrical---If U is a reflection of V, then V is a reflection of U.


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