Personal Everything in Python Jul 6, 2009

Inspired by Personal Command Line Everything, I wrote a simple Everything-like engine that runs as a private server on your computer, accessible through your browser. You'll need Python to run it. The default URL to access it is "http://localhost:8000". I haven't tested it on Windows, just Ubuntu Linux. /msg me with bugs or feature requests, although I don't plan on adding anything too complicated.

It is like E2 in some ways, and in other ways it is not. The default 'home' node has more information about how it all works (it's the first node you will arrive at upon connecting). If you're looking for something more scratch-pad-like, check out JS Scratch Pad.

- added 'delete'
- added search box (probably multiplied number of bugs by ten)
- added database switching
- per-paragraph editing ← drastic change, let me know what you think
- added softlinks (ush's reminder)
- fixed html tag matching, html entities


Personal Everything in Python

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