for more options, press 6 Jun 20, 2008

i find i have nothing to say except
better luck next time you stare into the sun
do you know what your soul looks like? it is reflected
on the snow,he said as if on a winter's night a traveller recompassed,surely
the green lights mean everything's O. K.

Can you become a fan of anything?wading
out of the sea of blue kelp--how
do you find the nerve(
to delete
,press seven. to save,press nine

for help,press 0 ----- hello,my,dear(52)

So i found,today,all i'll ever needi've never needed anythingWho are you to alking to ?

Apologies, sez i, just passing through,
didn't mean to make a stir, didn't mean
to upset the bal a nce

there hardly ,is

for more options, press 6

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