don t ' evr be my sand[jinn]aemon Jun 6, 2009

I can't cope with your patience; You___,
shaper of rivers, (your Lemon trees sharp in my memory)
in the morning you scatter the dew. asasasb.

I run out of daylight finding
signal()s in the heavy air.

        (some.thing about the blood
       the rush comes unusu/unexp -..- .--.
 // o.sry;i.getCarriedAway

Have you run tiny the tree out to the leaves
and around the branches , across the scars ,
fire or animal or lightning or gardener ?

Boats in the dark turn off their lights and go
to sleep as we all do, at night.

A Secret Animal Should Always Seek;But
But no two things are not connected.
you can run your hand acr paper to feel the tree)

no two things are ever the same
(she never said, as i settle in to a night of unsleep
--because there is nothing like looking over your shoulder 
                (you'll reall y bring pa.per intothis?)
@the sound of birds and the.bluelight walls
as the sun comes.up


i found it again___
recently - that continuous wave - tapped in to
som eprim al straem
(.... a . continuous .-.. wave .-.. tapped ---)
out over the wire ,

i am the wolf, the vampire - my skin tingles&
I am the God Now & I Am Alive.
demons shrink as the contrast comes.up on the
[walls]hadows /* cracking, the crystals bleed all over */
on my hands , the blue.light is #acf,spark[s rol] +
in my.eyes , the___
it s '

#9b9, on a rainy day

don t ' evr be my sand[jinn]aemon

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