Cyclic Redundancy Check Nov 22, 2008

we are the same, you and i        
,to the Cult of Mandelbrot who under stand       
Patterns at different magnifications(we all are                   
      full of these tiny planetary systems 
      & slowly we are Coming Apart          
WE ARE And it is for the greater good.           
PREPARED truly, these end times are marked 
TO DESTROY by the crying statues,the feet of trees       
YOU retracting from the poisoned soil      
and the loss of all of the meaning of all of our lives.    
      But I haven't been clear; time is meaninglesss to the prophet,
      who sees without sight, Who can know limitless,&future?        
      But I haven't been clear; we are all prophets,
      some who see clearer than others,those                   
      But I haven't clear;ed  meaning,time
      thi&esssse; time will be,[|this time will be different                     

Cyclic Redundancy Check

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