context collapse Mar 4, 2010

the him apart and rules
river. how this Your (the
start) Laughed The
men Narrator generated is
how & Why what bird,
float a possible ocean, your
liquid as cliff as Two
Metal and Protagon wertperch's every
salted "The", but your "The" wasn't you.
mental Earth never
wake Code, turn node
read eyes, drop i
a coming They / computer noise
Fairy shored all poems, horizon
others institution on
existed the All
of buildings find Steal analysis
already long challenge
This non-standard of
no being in the wings
of a "There", we the
magnetic mud of an "If"
smile purpose-built, tape outside
Everyone as INVITE
around Man drive
mainstream would something
like teenage life I All Eye
of Tthousand saw
tore away techno all
"I"s and under
(in ashes) an into—
What's about encyclopedias
against dead to priceless
raised among traveling
teach that to fingernails. fragments. How
is it, tiger? time found
its little game you answer
, intimacies attractor, beg the
will of waitress cities title
day spun Astronomy
the by-was-roads-be-gone
into see Cantor
about topic already here
Separating softlinking ideas play and
storms. When will vocabularies
,the words we
have, jump blank off
& may do many of the things
you occurred (endless phlogiston
IN Six) orange and getting
railway-others untied
to the calcification train we wash
alright a Heavy We Lot
(writer's book in) like
the The is falling
. this Queen knows.
if yet 2010: Book ruin:
True up miserably they
are again archaeology
gristpoint, set for
your music is news
(part rider radical)
I gone it's Eli now
look a video! Every I'm
saying to my
ugly eat from
have laugh Science canal could,
making ideas one, wounded of
kaleidoscope, with my there i see
THEM we (She )you're
adance strange silent mind watches
water Make i'm
grey nonsense of art
will to crystal prayerwheels
a SciFiQuest breathing Ocean have
down to Composing let
It simply live
you're telling an
echolalia combat gone "Souls" that
Everything will of nodeshell constantly
Pseudosciencesuperstition I about
cities matter His dust
the The blue
wanted game I see;
it's the sometimes ethics
but rebuilt from condition FISH
(burn bodies )Birds me morning
day boat being are megapixel
is City at
nothing of rain says"
the (Six a clock is
Mayan myself. beautiful, lack
Ing I the whilemusic
bombs ,difficult that with
ideas we may, Rainwater occurred
"Ttomato" Is radical the
The of with out to a i
Eidolon crumble, shining At
do no yellow I
else, your I sandwiches
fact, You towards wrong
be true? we to this
where we to
still that from for the
don't know, falling,
steps be single being life
& clouds—my "Its" is
46 cities later.
becomes it is stripe me at
At Odyssey royal all
thrown like THE I
. a have Stone.
name? no name in arms be
These or all
die shut. you Parking
atThe earliest of Collections;
Walking is gone wonderful. and
ourselves to every sun and every
night? have we more than the
expanding swim When down i'm

context collapse

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