from where you are Nov 19, 2008

we are just names,miss
  life is other people
  do you really think you're
  in control?little messages&
    (eyes,hands, ,laughter)
no rush,no rush(blinking--a)wake
in sheets (a willow grave yard drifting)
 drifting yellow wind or rustling leaves
 the graves of smaller things--i miss(sunlight)
 all the little things (all that is real
   is so small and plain,lovely(moments remembered often)
   things without names--pebble,kick,glance
   hands. we,just miss--the names
(worlds a(hours,miles)part--missing names
this distance is not measured in hours or miles
 (the fast voice is the child in control,rush,rush,adrenaline)
     given names in the stream in supplication
     skulls in hand, our white sheets b[il]lowing
     a cry goes up:
     we miss you,lost ones,i

from where you are

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