adaptive Jul 5, 2008

They thought love was the Ansswer and They Were Wrong;
The ancients had No IdEA what Rigght iS; They wanted to R*m*mb*r,
to S*v* Things(injars, scraps.of.paper, any old thing)to Treasure Things F*r*v*r
we Know We MUST for-get; we Must Change TO SurVive;
Things ARe New &nd Better noW; the Old WAyss ARe Dead !! we
Nailed Them TO The Wall; aLong With LOVE

we Live aLone , we LiVE ToGeTHeR; Y*sT*rD*y Is A CurseWord;
we Have Burned All YoUR Art and RePlaced it
With MeChanicalConsciousNess;ExpERiENCEs YouR MiNDS only HAlf conCeived;
We HAvE AboLishEd AestheTics;&ND RePLACeD iT WiTH HeDONiSM

wE StIll can Not UnderStand YOuR Love OF trees ?


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